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GCC considers accident prevention to be of primary importance in all phases of operations and administration, including subcontractor operations.  The goal of the company’s top management is to provide a safe and healthy working environment to its employees and subcontractors, establishing and insisting upon safe work practices at all times.

GCC Management considers compliance with health and safety regulations of the utmost importance and value to establishing a safe and healthy work environment.  Compliance is the cornerstone for success for this project.  Questions of interpretation and applicability will be reviewed, considered, and resolved as needed by GCC Project Management.

The prevention of accidents is an objective affecting all levels of the organization and its activities.  All managers and supervisors, whether a GCC or subcontractor employee, will make the safety of workers an integral part of their regular management function.  Each employee will be encouraged to accept and follow established safety regulations and procedures. GCC and GCC will provide proper direction for their employees, partners and subcontractors’ employees and will document that subcontractor safety representatives are properly trained.

  • GCC shall strive to maintain full compliance with our company’s Health and Safety Requirements Manual.The goal during the startup phase period is to provide the equipment and methods needed to save lives and to train the workforce in working safely and using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • In order to assist in achieving this goal, the following interim standards developed by GCC shall be used (as a minimum acceptable standard). Subcontractors shall provide these standards in the preferred language their workforce and shall provide training as needed to ensure worker awareness.A full and detailed copy of ourSafety and Health Manual will be furnished upon request.

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