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Founded in 1954, the growth of General Contracting Company (GCC) from a small contracting company to its present status has been parallel to the development of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in which GCC has been heavily involved.

GCC has executed many projects in various areas such as construction of the King Hussein Sport City in Amman; development of Aqaba city; military bases and buildings across Jordan; Ma’an Housing Project; Wadi Seer Vocational Training Center for UNRWA; Amman Surgical Hospital; Wadi Hassan Wastewater Treatment Plant in Irbid; Amman Airport; Amman – Naour – Dead Sea Highway; Amman – Zarqa Highway; Salt – Arda Highway; as well as many other projects.

Clients include the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Irrigation, Jordan Valley Authority, Jordan Water Authority, Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Municipal and Rural affairs, Natural Resources Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, Jordan Phosphate Company, Aqaba Town Planning Committee, Natural Resources Investment and Development Corporation, Jordan Youth Organization, private developers, and regional and international contractors.

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